First Day of School!

My hope this year…

Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s norm!- Nupur

“Teach content not to pass the test but to think critically and creatively.  Create a  product that helps humanity and solve some existing problems!”

I hope this year I have the courage to stick with my promise of being creative. I also hope I don’t get drowned in my other non creative work  that I don’t find the time to create. I don’t want to forget the satisfaction and happiness that came to me by creating my own blog and now my first Music Video  (Welcome to the Fifth Grade Music Video). I was never an artist, performer or anything close to being creative. I want to pass on that joy and happiness to my students.

I have been blossoming in the the conducive environment that my school district has provided me. Heartfelt thank you to Union School District!  I  learn from leaders in my district and stellar teachers how to challenge myself, take risk and be creative! I am  inspired by reading George’s book  “Innovate Mindset” and following his blog. Especially like this blog and TOTALLY agree with it Sharing ups and downs of learning!

In less than 11 hours, I will be starting a new year with a lot of hope and praying for courage. I want to nurture my students’ creativity and help keep my creativity alive! I am starting with a bang tomorrow (stay tuned on twitter to see what will happen). I am wishing  it to ECHO till the end of the year.


About Nupur Sethi

Manufactured in India Packaged in USA Shipped all around the world A teacher thirsty for adventures and new learning experiences.
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