Engaging students with music and technology!


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Teachers and students have jumped into using Flocabulary since it was rolled out just a few weeks ago. In Nupur Sethi’s 5th grade class at Lietz, students have embraced creating their own raps. Nupur wrote her own rap to share the excitement in her class.

Engaged Classroom Rap

A subject full of facts and a story from the WAY past

Can Social Studies lesson be fun? I asked

They say you find what you seek

I knew that there was more engaging way to teach

When I heard about Flocabulary I couldn’t wait to peek!

Creating something that does not exist

Something that is unseen

Flocabulary helped my students create

That transformed my boring lesson routine!

Have you wondered  what gives us the most satisfaction

An opportunity to create and use our imagination

Kids read the historical facts, use the given key terms to create a rhyme

The artist  in each student was ready to shine

It was fun, relevant and engaging

The problem was how to disengage

As kids craved for more time!

A learning portal full of  facts and cultivating imagination

Flocabulary helped my student feel accomplished of their OWN creation

I can tell my Colonial America lesson will go down history!

by Nupur Sethi

Creating this rap was fun, but the real fun for me is in watching the excitement of my students as they create and perform the raps they’ve created. Here is an example of one of my students performing his Flocabulary- Rap Song.

Bringing this kind of engagement to your class is as easy as it can be!

  1. Teachers, to get started click here to sign in with Google https://www.flocabulary.com/accounts/login/?next=/plans/
  2. Once you have signed in, you can create multiple classes under My Classes. For example,  I decided to use Flocabulary for my reading group and homeroom.
  3. Paste this link and the Flocabulary class code in your Google Classroom for your students to join your class www.flocabulary.com/join-class. Students will enter the class code and select – New to Flocabulary. They will sign in with their @unionsd.org  Google ID and that’s it!


Students only need one Flocabulary account, but they can still be in multiple classes. Next time they go to Flocabulary, they can sign in from your school’s Symbaloo page, and click the symbol.

Creating an assignment is as easy as creating your class. Type in the search field what lesson you are looking. For example, I looked for Colonial America lesson. A fun rap video teaches kids about the topic.

With every lesson, you may choose what you want to assign to your class. In addition, you also get handouts/graphic organizers, lesson plans in pdf form for you to print. The BEST part is- it scores all the student  work for you! You can get a summary of how your class has done, it gives the result in percent ( individually,too).

My students’ favorite Flocabulary feature is Lyric Lab – You can use this as a ‘Finale Presentation’ or like a musical exit ticket 🙂  Kids use their Chromebook to type their lyrics in the Lyric Lab section. I would recommend they type it in the Google Doc first to save it. Students are given a certain number of Key vocabulary Terms to use in their rap. When the rap is written, your student can cut and paste it into the Your Rhyme section of  Lyric Lab.  They can choose a variety of Beats to play in the background which is just a drop down play button. Students sing the rap while the background beat is playing. No additional resources needed! Just their Chromebook, Flocabulary, and their imagination!

Flocabulary is the most simple to use, fun, engaging, and efficient teaching resource to teach a variety of subjects- Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Vocabulary, Life Skills, Current Events, Math ( K-12). I hope you give it a try soon!